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Tips for a Fierce Fall

With summer’s end around the corner, it’s time to get a refresh to kick off the new season. Before we can even think about new color, we have to give our stylist a clean palette. That clean palette is Cibu by Malibu Crystal Gel clarifying treatment. Here’s why. First, your hair and scalp need to detox from the elements of summer. The sun, pool, beach, sea salt products all take a toll on your hair. Even after shampooing multiple times, there is still build up your shampoo just can’t get to. Ever see little white flakes in your hair but it’s not dandruff? That’s the buildup I’m taking about.


The first reason transitions right into the second. Now that summer is coming to an end, it’s time to freshen up your color for a fierce fall. You don’t want anything effecting how your color processes or the outcome. This clarifying treatment will prep your hair for any chemical service. It saves time on how long the chemical actually has to be in your hair and prevents chances for re-dos.

Add a Cibu by Malibu Crystal Gel clarifying treatment for only $10 to any service through 10/1!
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Now that you have a good base, it’s time to make a healthy transition into new color. Rich browns and reds are trending from the runway and always a great fall look! If you tend to go lighter in the summer and darker in the fall, try a semi-permanent color instead! This can be a way to gradually go darker but allow you to break into a lighter tone at any time. When depositing permanent color into your hair, you have to break through that color each time you want to go lighter. Your Cielo stylist will help you decide the best course of action for your fall hair journey.


Last but not least, always treat your hair! Kèrastase Fusio-Dose customized treatment is a great finishing touch to any service. Capable of resolving all of your hair concerns, Fusio-Dose™ Hair Lab essentially treats your hair and immediately transforms for lasting results. Your stylist will customize the treatment based on your hair’s primary needs. Whether it’s dry, damaged, dull or all the above, Fusio-Dose treatment can be tailored to your specific needs.